Bone Walker: Book Two, The Free Court of Seattle (print ed.)

from Crime and the Forces of Evil

The second book in Angela Korra'ti's _The Free Court of Seattle_ urban fantasy series, the work for which Bone Walker the album is soundtrack!

Two months should be long enough for a girl to cope with being half-Sidhe, or so Kendis Thompson has convinced herself. She wants nothing more than a normal life, playing her violin and pursuing her growing relationship with Christopher, Warder Second of Seattle. But when the Unseelie bard Elessir falls through a portal out of Faerie, bringing with him a ghostly peril that puts her best friend Jude’s life and sanity in danger, Kendis must test the strength of her new magic. And when the bone walker Melorite threatens all of the Emerald City, Kendis must fight to save everyone she loves—even if it means succumbing to the dominion of the Unseelie Court.

(C) 2015 Angela Korra'ti. Published by LOW ORBIT PUBLICATIONS. Printed by Third Place Press, Lake Forest Park, Washington, Cascadia

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Crime and the Forces of Evil Seattle

We are one bunch of seriously pissed-off elves, writing the songs of the supervillains. Enjoy our rage-driven acoustic elfmetal, or our GeoIP-driven heat ray. It's up to you.

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