Sketchy Characters

by Crime and the Forces of Evil



***** See DICK TRACY MUST DIE for final versions!

We're leaving this original EP up here mostly because there's no reason not to, and also for anyone interested in hearing what a year of learning about studio recording can do for your sound. ^_^ The original About This Album notes are below, unedited.

----- Original About This Album -----
This EP is a work-in-progress pre-release of four songs from the upcoming Crime and the Forces of Evil debut full-length CD, Dick Tracy Must Die. Essentially, the songs are mixed, but not mastered, and will certainly be fiddled with before the full-length CD is released. Sales of this EP will help us pay for finishing the full CD, so if you like what you hear at all, buy in!


released January 29, 2010

Crime and the Forces of Evil want to thank those several people who have helped with this project so far, including those who sponsored equipment for Criminal Studios at Murkworks North: Deborah Hooker, Diego R. Martinez, Maria-Katriina Lehtinen, Elane S. D. Imgroven, Barbara Cathyl, and Silussa. We'd also like to thank Russ Birch, S.J. Tucker, Kevin K' Wiley, and Tony Fabris for desperately-needed advice, Alexander James Adams for saying, "Dara, you really need to be performing" and meaning it, and Quen, Cathy Fiorello, Angela Korra'ti, Kathryn Tewson, Batya, and Cow for moral support and listening to all. these. rough. cuts.

All songs recorded at Murkworks North in late 2009 and early 2010. Album art, cover design, tracking, mixing, mastering, and fuckups by R. Korra'ti. We like Trinity-made Irish Bouzoukis; want to sponsor us, guys? ^_^


all rights reserved



Crime and the Forces of Evil Seattle

We are one bunch of seriously pissed-off elves, writing the songs of the supervillains. Enjoy our rage-driven acoustic elfmetal, or our GeoIP-driven heat ray. It's up to you.

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Track Name: Artefacts (You'll Never See)
when you go into the hill town
find the places that they kept you,
where now everything is empty,
as if though it'd ever been --
and the buildings are like theatre
sets abandoned ever after,
everything leans just a little,
over roads three-quarter scale --

no one comes to give you letters
there's no money in a card --
no one offers explanations
to girls wandering the streets
when you find a yellowed paper
dated nineteen seventy
it's been sitting there forever
artifacts you'll never see

black obelisk stands guard before
the rusty green and metal bridge
whose creaking wooden roadway
never carried any cars --
there's a long way 'round this river,
takes you through the city gate --
best be gone from here by dark,
you think, some thirty years too late.


emptyness in every building
signs propped up against the walls --
some have windows boarded over
hiding nothing left inside --
and when on the midnights dreary
played iniquitous games, they'd cry
"each trial an act of love and trust"
amongst other claims

[[flute solo]]

brick and concrete and a tower
carved in to a twisted house
fifty-seven stairs of climbing
hoping no one's there will see
'round the back where you can enter,
past machines left in the rain,
metal walls reflect the camera's light
but nothing real remains.


sometimes when you are seeking explanations that're due
you'll find no one's left to meet you...
Track Name: When You Leave
[[ 1 ]]

when you leave you better
keep on going
when you leave you better
run like hell
when you run you better
keep your footing
when you fly you better
know damn well that

someone's gonna be
behind that mirror
something's hiding in the
ringing bell
something's seeking you through
every window
Something's tracking you
with senses fell

[[ 2 ]]

when you run you better
know you mean it
when you run you better
say farewell
when you fly you better
watch your twenty
when you bolt you better
know damn well that

no one's list'ning to your
best of reasons
no one wants to hear a
thing you say
no one's giving you their
second chances
don't pretend there won't be
hell to pay

[[ 3 ]]

when you fly you better
keep your secrets
when you fly you better
never tell
when you bolt you better
leave no traces
when you leave you better
know damn well that

rage is never on the
side of heaven
fury never has an
upper bound
vengeance weans itself on
better pray that you are
never found


[[ 4 ]]

when you're gone you maybe
might discover
when you're gone you maybe
breathe again
when you're gone you maybe
float so freely
when you're gone you may think
now and then that

this time might just be the
time to make it
this place might just be the
place you keep
'till the horrors find you
whispering tortures to you
in your sleep


when you leave you better
keep on going
when you leave you better
run like hell
Track Name: Outbirds
[[verse structure]]
brenda and sugar and alex and jeff
remember they day that the rest of them left
william and honour and carrie and jean
certainly never meant anything mean

[[chorus structure]]
melting and running the snowflakes away
sooner or later when no one can say
circles that move along making their way
slowly forget about you

rosie and ethel and suzie and john
always the best until then they're gone
aaron and esteban; tiffn'y and karl
never did write and it's been quite a while

out-birds and flocking create quite a scene
never together and sometimes quite mean
but if you're useful we'll make quite a team
someday, or maybe, for now

jerry and joseph and thomas and me
eventually turned out was best left a three
Amy and Elsie and Misty and Boo
always had something else better to do

chasing them down along albany lane
sycamores waving as if they're to blame
orbiting loosely, peripheries high
jumping away yet again


never quite touching through crystaline glassery
always the outbird will look rather lost
where are the others whose thoughts are so glittery
how can you sail along everso tossed
knee-deep in comrades who briefly play friends with you
wondering what kind of creature they've found
looking askanse at your faceted plumery
soon they're distracted by ones more their kin

[[final verse/chorus pair]]

Charlotte and Erika, Jenny and Kirk
quickly get tired of all of that work
Terrence and Maxwell and Lisa and Kyle
maybe they'll latch on, at least for a while

someday this dancing may seem quite routine
falling then catching then tossed off, unseen
outbirds still looking for others to share the sky
windswept away yet again...
Track Name: Cascadia (How I Have Missed You)
there are no words