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I often close shows with Stay Away and Shout at the Desert as a pair, introducing them as, "Two more songs! One for the desperate. One for the lost." and then cut straight into Stay Away, which is my favourite little pet rattlesnake, waiting to strike.

Stay Away is a song for the desperate - a song of the kind of person so burned, so abused, so bereft of trust that they are unable any longer to ask for help, but can only tell people to stay back, to stay away, not to touch her - with the tiny, dying ember of desperate, buried, denied hope that someone will understand and prove her wrong. But she doesn't count on it.


Stay Away
When you think that you want me
Stay away
When you know what you need
Stay away
When you have what I'm jonesing
Stay away
When you know what it's good for
Stay away
I see through your disguise

You may have what I'm needing
You may have my desires
You may hold all my comforts
You may calm all my tears

But I cling to my worries, holding onto my terrors
I adhere to my fighting, laying claim to my wars
I resist all my comforts, pouring songs out of terrors
I lay waste to my holdings, throwing stones at the sun
Stay Away

Stay away
I'm allergic to allies
Stay away
I'm aware of your spies
Stay away
I will cling to my horrors
Stay away
Sing me songs of betrayal
Stay away
I see through all your lies

You may bring me to laughter
Salving wounds with your nothings
You may undo my windings
Leaving me without pain

But I scrabble in tunnels, fleeing far from the morning
And I run from the evening, hiding deep in the night
I resist all the starlight, in a world without daybreak
Can I find any meaning in a world without pain?
Stay Away
Stay Away


You may cushion my achings
What would I be without them?
If you free me from bondage
Against what would I strain?

Have I fought here too long? Can I simply not leave it?
Am I chained here like stonework left to die in the rain?
In the depths of the well am I tied to the anger?
Do I crave all the torture that I can't leave behind?

Stay away
Though you have what I'm needing
Stay away
While I'm flayed to the bone
Stay away
Do you hear what I'm pleading?
Stay away
Don't pretend you're from home
Stay away

When I beg you to help me

When I'm aching for peace

When I'm drowning for rescue

When I need you the most


from Dick Tracy Must Die, released March 3, 2011


all rights reserved



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We are one bunch of seriously pissed-off elves, writing the songs of the supervillains. Enjoy our rage-driven acoustic elfmetal, or our GeoIP-driven heat ray. It's up to you.

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